Name: Kevin McCall Issued Weapon: Baseball Bat
Status: Deceased Member of: Jocks
Reputation: Known to be very cocky, fights when doesn't get his way


Kevin McCall is a minor antagonist in Battle Royale: Peach Creek. He is the leader of the Jocks, and his whole life revolves around sports. He believes Nazz is his girlfriend, which in reality she isn't. He believes everything should be done his way, and if it doesn't happen, he usually gets violent.


Kevin is from an upper middle class family, and his parents introduced him to sports at a young age. He played baseball when he was four, basket ball when he was six, and soccer when he was nine. Since his parents were deemed rich in the community, he was idolized by kids when he was younger. When he got older, everyone got past his rich background, in fact half of the kids that idolized him were poor, and they ended up hating him for his wealth. Because of that, he believed everyone loved him and still do.

Friends and enemiesEdit

Since Kevin is a jock, most of the School looks up to him, especially his fellow jocks. Nazz used to like him, but as time went on, she saw how much of a wannabe he was. When he found out she used to like him, he quickly spread rumors that they were going out.


Kevin is very muscular, because of his physical background. He has red cropped hair and usually wears sports gear and school spirit wear. He is very cocky, thinking he could beat anybody in a fight. He also wants everything to go his way, and when that doesn't happen, he gets violent.

In the programEdit

In the program, he and his fellow jocks got separated, leaving him with two of the stragglers. His battle issued weapon was a baseball bat, and because of his superior weapon, he chose to be leader. He and his allies formed a plan, to search for Eddy and kill him, while taking Nazz back. All the while, his sanity began to wither away. They finally found Eddy, and Nazz was with him. He challenged Eddy to a final fight to the death, and swung at him with his bat. Eddy's machete came into contact with the bat, and the two clashed. Kevin finally got in a blow, a swing into Eddy's stomach, but Eddy came back and slashed his chest. His psyche broke after that, and he tackled Eddy and began to strangle him. Just when Eddy was about to lose consciousness, Nazz picked up his machete and stabbed Kevin in the back. Shocked, Kevin turned around, and looked at Nazz, then at Eddy. While falling to his side, he told them he would see him in Hell, and he eventually died.


  • Kevin's upbringing made him think that the world was truly his, which made him into a sociopath.