Name: Eddy Issued Weapon: Machete
Status: Alive Friends: Johnny, Ed, Double D, Nazz
Reputation: Typical Juvenile delinquent, always looking for money Member of: The Eds

Eddy McGee is a contestant of Battle Royale: The American Dream, and protagonist of the story. Eddy is a troubled youth, getting in and out of fights and usually running from the police on a daily basis. He is chosen to be a contestant in an american version of Battle Royale called Battle Royale: The American Dream. He is the leader of the clique called the Eds, which consisted of his best friend Double D and Ed, who are his lackeys.


Eddy lived in Peach Creek and has lived there all his life. His parents would usually abuse him, and his brother would pick on him. He usually stayed out of the house and spent his time with his friends Double D and Ed, who became the clique the Eds. Eddy became leader and became one of the most troublemaking students at school. He usually fights with other cliques and gangs at the school, and had been in and out of juvenile hall.


Eddy was of medium height, about 5'10", and had a stocky build. He had long brown hair that was near his shoulders, and usually combed it back to keep it out of his eyes. He has brown eyes and usually wears baggy clothes, and wears skull caps to keep his hair out from his face.

Friends and enemiesEdit

Eddy was friends with Double D and Ed, who were part of his clique. He too had become somewhat friends with Johnny Martinez, as they had gotten into a fight in the school bathroom but made up after finding that they were both skipping school for detention. He was enemies with Kevin McCall, the leader of the Jocks. But, he had taken interest in Nazz Van Bartonschmeer.

In The ProgramEdit


  • Johnny and Eddy dress the same, and even like the same music, except Eddy likes mainstream hip hop and Johnny likes alternative and underground hip hop.
  • Eddy smokes. His favorite brand is Morlbarry Cigarettes.